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Your Academic Representatives are a great place to start if you have an idea to shape your education!

We have different types of Academic Reps who work at course, department, and faculty level. They gather your opinions and work with staff at the university to act on your priorities and make your education better. 

Reps at all levels of decision-making

The different reps do slightly different jobs and represent your interests at all levels of decision-making: 

  • Course Representatives represent students on a taught programme of study, an undergraduate degree or a master's. 
  • Research Student Representatives represent groups of Postgraduate Research Students. 
  • Lead Department Representatives take on a role leading on representation in your department. 
  • Faculty Representatives are elected roles that represent students at the Faculty level. 

Find your Academic Rep

Check our directory of Academic Reps to find out who you Course Reps, Research Reps and Lead Department Reps are. Find your Faculty Rep contact details here.

Academic Rep Successes

Filter through previous Rep wins and see how some of our thousands of previous Reps have achieved progress and brought about positive change for the students they represent.

Academic Rep of the Month & Academic Rep of the Year

Each month we choose an Academic Rep who has gone above and beyond to represent their peers and award them Rep of the Month, who receive a prize and are entered into the Rep of the Year competition. If you want to become Rep of the Month, please navigate to the 'Tell us about your work' on the Academic Representatives Moodle.

Each year there are winners in each Faculty for our Annual Rep of the Year award. 

Academic Rep of the Month

Academic Rep of the Month - November 2020
Academic Reps do one of the most important jobs in the Union - they campaign for your academic interests and make sure that students have a voice in their education.
Academic Rep of the Month - February 2020
It is especially at the times of hardship that UCL’s Academic Reps are stepping up to their roles. Despite limited access to campus, they continue to represent their fellow students and work tirelessly to improve their experience at UCL.
Academic Rep of the Month - December 2018
As your Union, one of our most important jobs is representing your academic interests and making sure you can influence the way UCL works.  The best way for us to do this is by working with Academic Reps in every UCL Department.