Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Active Bystander training work?

Active Bystander training is made up of two components: 

1. An online module 

2. A live in-person workshop 

Students that are new to UCL will need to complete both the online module and a live in-person workshop. 

Students that are returning to UCL will simply need to complete the online module. 

Who is the programme for?

The programme is for all UCL students and SU staff. 

Is the training mandatory for new UCL students?

Yes, if you are new to UCL you should complete the programme during your first term. 

I am a returning student, do I need to complete the training?

Returning students will need to complete the online course, but will not be required to attend a live workshop. 

Can I attend the live workshop even if I have not completed the training? 

The content of the live workshop builds on the skills and knowledge gained from the online module. You must therefore complete the online module before attending a live workshop.

How do I find out when my department’s workshop is taking place? 

Your departmental workshops will take place in the first term of the 2022/23 academic year. Your department should provide you with the details of the upcoming live workshop to give you time to complete the online module. If your department is not running departmental training, please sign up to a live workshop using this link.

When do the workshops take place?

We are not currently running any live workshops.

The live workshops will begin during Fresher's Week 2022 and will run throughout term 1.

I am having trouble accessing or completing the online course

Please contact if you have any questions of queries about the course.

When will the

Please contact if you have any questions of queries about the course.