Eva Sheppard, a MSc Environment, Politics and Society student, tells us all about her consultation with Anne.

Why did you book a consultation? 

I attended the first CRIS skills session which focused on expressing our interest in charities/NGOs and subsequently how CRIS would coordinate contact and assist our first meetings etc. I found the session a helpful introduction towards the process and I came away feeling more confident in a) the direction I wanted to head in and b) the steps I needed to take to do so. I set up a meeting with Anne after scrolling through the volunteering directory and selecting organisations of interest. I hoped that the consultation would shed light on whether the organisations I was keen to work with were available, and so that Anne could arrange for me to network with representatives. 


What was the best thing for you?

My consultation was really positive and ended with Anne, after suggesting One World Trust as a potential fit for me, emailing the charity to arrange an initial meeting. I felt that I had taken a proactive step and that I had something to when gent started again after winter break. It also gave me the reassurance that I was making some sort of progress on my dissertation. 


What has changed for you, if anything, after the consultation as you develop your dissertation ideas?

I checked out One World Trust’s website and really liked the look of the work they are doing. I felt a newfound excitement toward my dissertation because the charity are focused on the type of policy-oriented work I’d be hoping to go into after graduating. Regardless of whether or not I end up doing my dissertation with them, it felt good to have a new contact for networking in my field/sector of interest. 


Rate this part of the CRIS service out of 10, with 10 being the highest score possible.

8, I just wish I had more time! 


Interested in discussing your collaborative research ideas with CRIS? You can book a 15-minute appointment to discuss your ideas with CRIS manager, Anne.