Martín Robles, a Public Administration and Management MPA student, discusses his consultation meeting with Anne.

Why did you book a consultation? 

The whole idea of my dissertation contributing to solve, or try to solve, a real-life problem, along a non-profit organisation is very appealing for me. As a social scientist I find real life tangible problematics, rather than abstract ones, very motivating.


What was the best thing for you?

Anne’s opinions and views on my incipient dissertation topic were very encouraging and stimulating. I was positively surprised about the array of organisation with which one could work jointly. 


What has changed for you, if anything, after the consultation as you develop your dissertation ideas?

I overcome some previous thoughts about how likely I was to find an organisation that would be compatible with my research area.


Rate this part of the CRIS service out of 10, with 10 being the highest score possible. 

At least 8 out of 10. 


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