Become a member of your friendly, on-campus gym today!

Student Membership

£245 - 12 months

£25 - Monthly Direct Debit

£6     - Day pass

UCL Staff Membership

£270 - 12 months

£25 - Monthly Direct Debit

£7 - Day Pass

Public Membership

£35 - Monthly Direct Debit

£315 - 12 months

£9      - Day Pass

All of our memberships, including day passes, include access to our squash courts.

You must activate your membership at reception before you use the gym, book a class or book a squash court.

Memberships must be activated at reception within 7 days of purchase.

For all enquiries, contact our reception team: 020 7679 7221

Health and Safety

Wear correct gym attire:

o  No shorts or trousers with belt hooks. 

o  Tops must be worn at all times. If wearing a vest, it must cover the chest area. 

o  Members must wear footwear i.e. trainers at all times unless in the stretch area or studios. If playing squash, trainers must be worn at all times. 

Use the lockers provided for your belongings and lock your equipment. 

Do not get changed on the gym floor - this includes switching footwear for weightlifting. Please use our facilities available to do this.

Do not leave bags, shoes or unused accessories on the gym floor or benches. String bags are permitted if placed in an area that is not causing a trip hazard.

Wipe down any equipment after use with tissues and water spray, provided by reception on request.

Be considerate of your limits and lift safely. 

Remain alert and aware while walking around the gym floor. 

Use clips on all bar exercises. No gym fails wanted here! Just to let you know, we do not allow dry chalk powder in the gym. After use, strip your weight bars, put away your discs and weights in the correct designated storage areas. 

Please be aware of your surroundings when lifting. Ask a friend or another member to spot you if they are available. 

Do not lift in front of the dumbbell racks. Maintain access for others. 

Olympic bars must not be removed from any bench stations as they have a designated area and are labelled as such. They should only be used on the platforms, even if warming up with one. 

Be considerate when using your mobile phones in the gym. Take calls outside of the main gym area.

It’s reasonable to have a maximum of 3 gym members per free weight station or resistance machine, depending on the rest periods. Let others work in. At busy times, please allow others to use the CV machines. Limit your time and rotate with other machines. This will also give a more varied workout for you too. CV machines may automatically switch off after 30 minutes during busy periods, so other members can use them as well.

Classes must be booked a day in advance or on the day if spaces are available. Please be on time or you could be turned away if the class has started. 

Dispose of any rubbish using the bins.

If you are feeling sick or unwell, please do not use the gym. Recover sufficiently first. 

We pride ourselves on our friendly, welcoming atmosphere. BF will not tolerate any kind of verbal or physical abuse towards any members of staff or gym members. Any matters relating to this kind of behaviour will lead to immediate, indefinite expulsion from the facility. 

Terms and Conditions

MEMBERSHIPS – are strictly non-transferable, non-refundable except for medical reasons or withdrawal from your academic institution. Appropriate proof will be required from a doctor or a colleague. Refunds will be calculated as follows: For example, if you buy a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month membership and request a refund, each whole month lapsed since the start of the membership will be charged at the current monthly rate. For example £27 for the student category, etc. up to the value of the purchase price. Hence there is likely to be no refund if the calculation is greater than the purchase price (beyond 6 months usually). There will be a charge equivalent to our current monthly rate for refunds within the first month of membership. For safety and insurance purposes membership is conditional on you having read and accepted the Health Commitment Statement and your adherence to it, a doctor’s letter may be required stating that it is safe for the applicant to participate in activities at Bloomsbury Fitness if deemed necessary. Internet memberships are automatically activated within 7 days of purchase if you have not done so in person by bringing in the application form. Please ensure you have read the Health Commitment Statement and our Terms and Conditions. By joining online or in person, you are agreeing to them.

Applicants for membership must be at least 17 years of age.

Bloomsbury Fitness reserves the right to rescind membership under the following circumstances:

Offences within Bloomsbury Fitness, UCL/Union premises and events including inappropriate behaviour to other users or staff.

Serious failure to respect the membership rights of other members.

Vandalism of Bloomsbury Fitness or Union property.

Misuse of your membership card. Your membership and card/fob is non-transferable.

Willful failure to adhere to the Terms & Conditions, Gym Etiquette or Gym Health & Safety Code.

Refusal to comply with reasonable staff requests relating to policy, procedures and safety.

Members are required to email the Bloomsbury Fitness Manager in the event of a serious grievance or complaint in the first instance. The Union Student/Staff Protocol will operate for Union/UCL members if necessary. (The protocol does not apply to public/other students/alumni).

The management reserves the right to refuse admission without reason.

We may need to limit the number of people in the main gym during our busiest times and operate on a 1 out, 1 in basis if we think it necessary for members’ health and safety and comfort. If possible please make use of our opening hours and quieter times, including weekends, effectively for your own comfort.

RECEPTION – Membership ID must be brought and used to enter turnstiles to avoid unnecessary delays at reception. You must replace lost or stolen membership ID card after 3 visits without it. You may be refused entry after this.

HEALTH AND SAFETY INDUCTION- You may need to watch our health and safety induction video or taken part in our H&S induction. This also covers gym etiquette. You will need to follow the guidelines as part of your membership.

FITNESS SUITE – Members must adhere to the ‘Gym Etiquette and Gym Health & Safety Code’ (available at reception or online). The code covers aspects of safety, hygiene and etiquette in the facility. Please observe and follow any instructions from staff regarding safe exercise technique and safe practice so either you or others around you are not put at risk. Children are not allowed on the fitness suite main floor at any time.

FOOTWEAR – Appropriate workout footwear (trainers, weightlifting shoes)  must be worn in the main gym. Footwear must also be worn within the corridors and all exercise classes at all times, unless a class instructor specifically requests otherwise. In the Dojo/Multi-purpose room or on matted areas for classes only bare feet or socks are permitted. Please remove shoes before you step on mats. For health and safety, members must wear shoes when going in between studio, dojo/multi-purpose room and from the changing room.

CLOTHING & HYGIENE – Street wear is not allowed while working out (jeans, trousers, combats, shoes etc). If it has belt hooks, we deem it not to be gym attire. You will be asked to leave the main gym/stretch area if inappropriately dressed. Appropriate clean fitness training attire must be worn while working out in the gym, i.e. t-shirt/ vest/ sweatshirt/ shorts/ leggings and appropriate, clean trainers and/or plimsolls). A top must be worn in all areas including the rowing gallery.  Please ask/show a gym instructor if you are unsure of clothing suitability. Smell fresh, look fresh. Please consider others in the environment. We sell basic toiletries at reception.

CHANGING ROOMS – Strictly no photography, mobile phones/cameras to be operated in the changing rooms. Keep the changing room tidy, dispose of rubbish in the waste bins.

LOCKERS & LEFT PROPERTY – Lockers are provided for storage of belongings and are only for use while you workout and at no other times. Warning: Our lockers auto open 3 hours after being locked to prevent personalization. Bloomsbury Fitness or its staff cannot be held liable for any losses, damage or theft of personal belongings from the premises, whether outside or from inside the lockers. Human error and the lack of correct operation is the main reason for locker incidences. Please follow lock instructions posted in the changing rooms to maintain a higher degree of security. Cover the code when setting.  Items found or cleared from the lockers will be taken to UCL Lost Property (located in Foster Court, Malet Place) within a week. We will try to contact you if we can identify they are your belongings. It is your responsibility to remember your locker number/name and PIN code. The staff will aid you as far as possible if you forget. We may need to work by a process of elimination to identify the locker which can take 15-20 mins. Please be patient if this is the case.

LOST PROPERTY – We will not keep any lost property found or handed in. Do not leave your belongings unattended anywhere on the premises. Bloomsbury Fitness or its staff cannot be held liable for any losses, damage or theft of personal belongings. You are wholly responsible for your belongings at all times.

FITNESS / CLUBS AND SOCIETY CLASSES – Class numbers are limited. Members must book in advance online to secure their place. You can book one day in advance and up to the time the class is due to start. You will not be allowed to join more than 5 minutes after the class has started due to health & safety reasons and general etiquette to other attendees. Your place may be given to someone on the waiting list if you are late. You must cancel the class if you cannot make it. A no show fee of £1 per class will apply if you do not attend a booked class. The class schedule and instructors are subject to change.. Occasionally we may have to cancel the class due to circumstances beyond our control. Please ensure we have your correct contact number so we can inform you promptly. CSC classes are operated by the clubs and independently from Bloomsbury Fitness.

SQUASH COURT BOOKINGS – Bookings must be made online or in person. Squash fees: The fee consists of the appropriate court hire fee (paid at the time of booking) plus a Day Membership fee on entry if not a member. Rescheduling is permitted within 7 days of original booking if you cannot attend. Court fees are non-refundable. A fair use policy exists for free squash bookings. A maximum of 1 booking per day per person is allowed. If you book extra sessions, we will keep the earliest free booking and automatically cancel subsequent ones without notification to maintain the fair use. Please arrive and leave the court on time. Players must read and abide by the SRA code, posted outside the squash courts. We are part of a university and during term 1 and 2 we may have to give priority to some intercollegiate squash matches etc. at short notice and as such rearrange existing member bookings. We will plan ahead and endeavour to avoid this, however we will fully reimburse you in the event it does occur and apologies in advance if this happens.

Squash/Pay as you go membership

To play Squash, visit classes or the gym on a pay as you go basis:

1) You will need to come to register with us in person (you can download and bring the application form ). We will give you your online details.

2) You can book a court/classes online once you have booking system log in details.Payment for the court if chargeable (see price list or below) will need to be made online at the time of booking. Fitness/UCL clubs classes are booked free.

3) When you come in, you will need to pay the appropriate entry day fee of £6.00 (students) or £9.00(non-students).

5) Your squash partner will also need to register and pay the entry day fee if they are not a member.

-Squash courts can be booked up to 7 days in advance. Classes can be booked 1 day in advance ( all activities are subject to availability).

-Squash racket hire is available (we also sell rackets). We sell squash balls. See price list or below.

*Note: Squash courts hire is free Mon to Fri between 07.30am -12.00pm and all day Sat and Sun at the moment and £2.00 at other times.You will still need to make a booking. A fair use policy exists for bookings (maximum of 1 bookings per member per day). We will unfortunately only leave the first booking and cancel subsequent ones without notice. See our T&C’s for more info.

If you cannot attend a booking, please cancel your class booking or move your squash booking to allow others to use.

Note: A no show fee for free squash booking will be charged the court hire fee (£2.00) unless cancelled online in advance. No show fee of £1.00 applies for class.

CLUB & SOCIETY CLASSES – Club participants are required to book classes online and pay (if there is a fee) for the session, collect the receipt and hand it to the instructor as proof of booking/payment. Membership (day or other) will also be required. Please contact us for more information.

MULTI PURPOSE ROOM/STUDIO – If clubs or members are using the martial arts mats, they must put them away at the end of the session. Instructions are displayed. Please follow them.

PERSONAL TRAINING – Personal Training or Martial Arts training in exchange for a monetary or equivalent transactions is not allowed without approval from management. Additional charges may apply. Members are not allowed to bring their personal trainers and personal trainers who in turn are not allowed to bring clients. We have a separate arrangement for Personal Trainers interested in bringing clients etc. Please email  and we will send you information on this.

QUIET TRAINING DAYS – We share the building with our neighbouring facility the UCL Bloomsbury Theatre and offices. We will put out signs on ‘quiet’ training days. Please refrain from dropping or banging the weights or resistance machines. Martial Arts involving throwing action will need to adapt the class accordingly to avoid throwing. This is to prevent noise transmission through the building on selected nights/times throughout the year to facilitate performances. Your co-operation will be required on these nights. In extreme situations it may be necessary to close all or part of the free weights area to facilitate theatre performances.

FACILITY MAINTENANCE – Occasionally, due to circumstances beyond our control, we may have to close certain facilities such as the toilet areas, changing rooms due to facility maintenance issues. We will minimise disruption as much as possible and give as much notice as possible, however there may be some inconvenience caused during such occasions. We operate according to the UCL main campus operational dates.

CLOSURES – We operate according to the UCL calendarOur membership prices take into account all our closure dates as displayed on the BF homepage. We will update members if dates are changed and apologise in advance for this.

Latest T&C dated 26/08/21. Terms and conditions may be updated when necessary. 

Health Commitment Statement (HCS)

Your health is your responsibility. Bloomsbury Fitness management and staff are

dedicated to helping you take every opportunity to enjoy the facilities that we offer.

With this in mind, we have carefully considered what we can reasonably expect of

each other.

Our commitment to you

1. We will respect your personal decisions, and allow you to make you own decisions about what exercise you can carry out. However, we ask you not to exercise beyond what you consider to be your own abilities.

2. We will make every reasonable effort to make sure that our equipment and facilities are in a safe condition for you to use and enjoy.

3. We will take all reasonable steps to make sure that our staff are qualified to the fitness industry standards as set out by the Register of Exercise Professionals.

4. If you tell us that you have a disability which puts you at a substantial disadvantage in accessing our equipment and facilities, we will consider what adjustments, if any, are reasonable for us to make.

Your commitment to us

1. You should not exercise beyond your own abilities. If you know or are concerned that you have a medical condition which might interfere with you exercising safely, before you use our equipment and facilities you should get advice from a relevant medical professional and follow that advice.

2. You should make yourself aware of any rules and instructions, including warning notices. Exercise carries its own risks. You should not carry out any activities which you have been told are not suitable for you.

3. You should let us know immediately if you feel ill when using our equipment or facilities. Our staff members are not qualified doctors, but there will be a person available who has had first-aid training.

4. If you have a disability, inform us by email as necessary and you must follow any reasonable instructions to allow you to exercise safely.

This statement is for guidance only. It is not a legally binding agreement between you and us, it does not create any obligations which you or we must meet.

Gym Etiquette

CV Machines

When the gym is busy (peak times 3-8pm) members are requested not to remain on the same type of CV machine for longer than 20 minutes. Please see the gym notices for details.

Free Weights

Do not remove the Olympic bars from their exercise stations. Dumbbells, discs and bars must not be removed from the Fitness Suite. If using heavy free weights, you must have a spotter(s). Please work in and let others work in with you when using free weights.

All equipment e.g. benches, bars must be returned to the exercise station from which they originally came. Barbells, dumbbells and discs must be replaced in their correct places on the racks and disc posts after use so it is ready for the next person. Do not rest equipment against the mirrors.

Resistance Machines

Please work in and let others work in with you when using resistance machines.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Please wipe any sweat from benches, seats, handrails, consoles, mats etc. with the towels provided so it ready for the next person.

Please dispose of used paper towels, empty drinks containers, chewing gum in the rubbish bins.


Bloomsbury Fitness cannot take any responsibility for the security or loss of your belongings. Please use the lockers provided ( cover your PIN) to reduce the risk of loss, as bags may not be taken into the Gym.


For health and safety, open cups, cans or glass bottles should not be brought into the training areas.

Gym Health and Safety Code

Warm up adequately prior to training and cool down adequately afterwards.

Immediately stop training and inform an instructor if you feel dizzy or unwell, if you feel any sudden, sharp pain or if you experience chest pain, light-headedness, abdominal discomfort, unusual fatigue or shortness of breath or palpitations.

Remove all sharp objects from your pockets before training.

Do not eat a large meal or drink alcohol less than two hours before starting to exercise and do not exercise on an empty stomach. Maintain adequate blood sugar levels. Avoid dehydration by drinking water / fluids frequently. Use plastic drinks bottles with secure tops to guard against spillage over electrical equipment or on the floor. Do not chew gum while training.

Do not use any equipment that you do not know how to use properly. Do not misuse the equipment. If you are unsure of any exercise, if you have never used free weights before, ask an instructor. It is essential that you know the correct technique as this enables you to train safely and effectively. A Free beginners’ Induction can be booked at Bloomsbury Fitness reception.

Check the equipment before you use it. If there is a problem, please report it to Bloomsbury Fitness staff. If weights, pulleys or other moving parts become jammed, please inform a Bloomsbury Fitness instructor. Do not attempt to free them yourself as weights or parts may fall unexpectedly.

Do not obstruct access to dumbbell racks, passageways, doorways, or fire exits. Avoid resting on weight machines between sets and do allow other users access to work in with you. “Right of way” belongs to the person who is performing the exercise. Do not distract anyone who is in the middle of an exercise and please give the performer a wide berth. Do not lean on the mirrors. Keep your head, hair, limbs, fingers and clothing clear of the moving parts of a machine.

Make sure you position yourself correctly on the machine and check that any selector pins are fully inserted and that the correct pin is used. Ensure any foot straps are secure.

Smith Machine: Read the instructions on latching and unlatching the bar. When using the Squat Rack or Smith Machine, set the safety stops to the appropriate level. Check that you have loaded the discs securely and evenly on the bar. Collars must be used on all the free barbells. Make sure that these are fastened securely on the bar.

Use safe lifting technique when handling weights and never select weights that you (and your spotters) may be unable to control. Concentrate on using correct technique. Maintain good form throughout all your repetitions. Lift and lower weights under control. Do not let them crash or bang.

Martial Arts Class Etiquette (Clubs & Societies)

Class numbers are limited. Members/attendees must book online or in person up to one day in advance to secure their place. You will not be allowed to join a class more than 5 minutes after it has started due to health & safety reasons and general etiquette to other attendees. Insurance costs may apply.

Booking a Class: You need to book in for the class through the online booking system. You can obtain your log in details from Reception once you have registered. A member of staff (or instructor) may take a register to see if you have booked at the start of the class. The class timetable and instructors may be subject to change. Please contact Clubs and Society you are interested in for further information

Clubs & Societies

Bloomsbury Fitness is also host to a number of Students' Union UCL sports clubs and societies. Look at the Bloomsbury Fitness Activity Timetable for the full range of activities available.

Please note that the responsibility for provision of club classes lies with the individual Clubs and not with Bloomsbury Fitness. Some clubs do not operate in the vacations or over the summer term. Dance classes are not held while rehearsals for the Dance Society Show are underway.

Membership of Union clubs

Any person wishing to participate in club classes hosted at Bloomsbury Fitness needs to become a member of Bloomsbury Fitness or pay the appropriate day fee. There may also be a session fee if charged by the club.

There is additionally an annual fee to the Union which should be paid to the CSC (2nd floor, Bloomsbury Theatre Building) or through the Union website. Union Clubs are run by UCL students for UCL students. Non-UCL people are welcome to join the club. Please check with the Club for availability and costs of non-UCL memberships before joining Bloomsbury Fitness as places maybe limited.

Insurance: In the case of martial arts clubs, there is also an annual fee to the organisation/governing body which covers insurance to train. Contact the club for details.


Management reserve the right to make reasonable changes to the Terms & Conditions at any time provided that we give you advance notice of the change.