You have been invited to take part in this survey because you are a student at UCL or the University of Manchester who has recently taken part in one of the following knowledge exchange activities: Evaluation Exchange; Community Research Initiative; SPERO; Masood Enterprise Centre; or UCL Policy Fellows.

Thank you very much for taking the time to take part in this survey. We would like to find out a little bit more about you now, including what skills you feel you have developed as part of our programme, activities that you have been engaged in since the programme began, your future aspirations, and your general wellbeing.

It shouldn’t take more than 15 mins to complete. Your answers, together with the answers of all other students taking part, will tell us how successful our programme is and help us to ensure that our programmes are open to all students. Note that you may have answered similar questions in Part 1 of this survey, but we would like to understand any changes in your responses since the programme began. Your details will be anonymised and securely stored and only used for internal research purposes.

We are grateful for your time.



  • Current 1. Information about you
  • 2. Student Skills
  • 3. Community involvement and civic engagement
  • 4. Your wellbeing
  • 5. You career aspirations
  • 6. Equality, diversity, and access
  • Survey completed
  • Complete
Required field
1. Information about you
Which knowledge programme are you involved in?
Have you had any previous employment, civic, or voluntary experience?
Information about you - continued
Did you work full-time or part-time?
In what type of organisation was your previous experience?