You have been invited to take part in this survey because you are a student at UCL taking part in one of the following knowledge exchange programmes: Evaluation Exchange; Community Research Initiative; SPERO; or UCL Policy Fellows.

Thank you very much for taking the time to take part in this survey. We would like to find out a little bit more about you, including what skills you might like to develop as part of our programme, activities that you have done before, your future aspirations, and your general wellbeing.

It should take around 20-25 mins to complete but we think it is worth it: It gives you a baseline to your academic year 2020-21; you can be entered into a prize draw to win £100 worth of goodies; and your answers, together with the answers of all other students taking part, will help us to ensure that our programmes are open to all students. Your details will be anonymised and securely stored and only used for internal research purposes.


We are so grateful for your time.



Required field
1. Information about you
Which knowledge programme are you involved in?
Have you had any previous employment, civic, or voluntary experience?
Information about you - continued
Did you work full-time or part-time?
In what type of organisation was your previous experience?
2. Student skills
Questions Not confident at all 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Completely confident
Our programme aims to develop important skills for students. These questions are to help you identify the areas you would like to develop your skills further through the programme. Please rate your confidence in the following skills or areas.
3. Community involvement and civic engagement
During the last 12 months, I have taken part in, supported, or helped
And have you been involved with any of the following groups, clubs, or organisations during the last 12 months?
Pick up to 5 reasons that were most important to you helping.
People do unpaid work or give help to all kinds of groups for all kinds of reasons. Thinking about all the groups, clubs, or organisations you have helped over the last 12 months, did you start helping for any of the following reasons?
Please now think about any voluntary work that you've been involved with during the last 12 months. We mean anything you've taken part in, supported, or that you've helped with in any way on your own or with others.
4. Your wellbeing
Questions At no time Some of the time Less than half the time More than half the time Most of the time All the time
Questions Never Rarely Sometimes Often
We would now like to ask you some questions about your feelings on different aspects of your life. There are no right or wrong answers.
5. You career aspirations
Do you have some idea about what jobs or career you are interested in?
What is important to you about your career or future? Please tick all that apply.
Questions Yes No Not sure
Would you be more likely to start your business (for-profit and/or not-for-profit)
Which statement best describes you?
How do you expect participation in the knowledge exchange programme you are signed up to will help you reach your career and future goals? Please tick all that apply.
6. Equality, diversity, and access
Which of the following best describes you?
Where did you complete most of your schooling between the ages of 11 and 16?
Which type of school did you attend for the most time between the ages of 11 and 16?
If you went to school in the UK after 1980, were you eligible for free school meals at any point during your school years? Free school meals was a UK policy for families in receipt of other qualifying benefits. It does not include meals received for other reasons e.g. meals at boarding school.
When you were 18, what was the highest level of qualification achieved by either of your parents or guardian(s)?
What is your ethnicity?
Do consider yourself to have an impairment, health condition, or learning difference that has substantial or long term impact on your ability to carry out day-to-day activities?
Please select the statement(s) that best describe your known impairment, health condition, or learning difference that has substantial or long term impact on your ability to carry out day-to-day activities?
Please tick all that apply.
Were you in the care of a local authority or the state, or given accommodation, for a period of at least 13 weeks before you were 16 years old?
Are you still unreconciled with your parents between leaving care and starting your course?
Are you under 25 years old and Student Finance has agreed that you are an estranged student?
Do you currently have anyone who depends on you for their care?
Do you have refugee status?
Do you have asylum status?
We ask these questions so that we can identify who is using our services and therefore the extent to which we are open and accessible to all students. These data will show us where we need to take action to improve what we do to ensure all students feel like they belong in our programmes.
Survey completed
Thank you so much for answering this survey. The data collected, including your answers, really will be put to good use for improvement of knowledge exchange activities at UCL and also shared with the wider UK Higher Education sector so that more students may benefit.