What would you like the Union to do?

The Union should commit to reduce the amount of waste produced at the events it runs, particularly club nights and events held off campus.

There should also be a commitment to only promote events that aim to be waste neutral.

Why would you like to do this?

There have been several events held over term 1, that were advertised by the Union, to have 'confetti canons' and '1000+ glowsticks', most of which would have ended up as waste at the end of the night and probably ended up in landfill. Students don't typically decide to go to a club night simply because they might get a free glowstick or might get covered in confetti.

The Union already has a Plastic Free Union policy which is in the process of being implemented and so this policy will complement the work already being done.

The new Sustainability at UCL strategy promises a single-use plastic free campus by 2024 and so this would ensure that events held off campus will be in venues that follow the same sustainable commitments as the rest of campus.

Behaviours need to change to ensure that future generations of students are able to thrive as much as current students are, the Students' Union is striving to be the most sustainable students union in the country and so this policy will greatly help with that.

How will this affect students?

This will benefit students as they will see that the Students' Union takes climate change and sustainability seriously and this will also give students the opportunity to see some of the ways that they can cut down their environmental footprint.