What would you like the Union to do?

The Union will commit to reducing printing and increasing digital signage wherever possible.

Why would you like to do this?

Every time I go to the recycle bin to dispose of accumulated brochures, I think what a waste it had been - there are events I haven't even been able to attend or those that were already communicated to me through email or facebook and which are printed on such good paper (not to speak of the printing ink and the labour that went into it all from the designing to their distribution) to be given the treatment of being binned.

Loads of brochures distributed during the freshers' week, lying on tables in the libraries or around campus giving information or announcing events are a waste of resources, especially when we are connected digitally in a number of ways and with the new app askUCL. In any case a moving screen helps to capture the information more effectively and most often, printed material is a surplus to what is already available digitally.

How will this affect students?

I believe the cost of printing is a huge expense that can be meaningfully used for other student-focused activities. I propose we have informational digital displays in common rooms and cafes where students generally gather and where these events can generate healthy discussion. In     terms of sustainability, it will teach us students the value of paper that can't just be picked up, carelessly folded up in our     bags or disposed of as we like, just because we have abundant access to it.