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I have been at UCL for six years, and I have been trying to make changes, but I did not feel like we were being heard. I want to make sure that students’ interests are not pushed to the side but instead that concrete promises are made and followed through to improve student experience.

This year, as your Postgraduate Students' Officer, I hope to increase the financial support available to PG taught and research students, provide more publishing opportunities for MA students, provide childcare support to encourage the participation of students with caring responsibilities, scrap application fees for PG programmes, and implement the same no-detriment policy from 2019/2020 for all academic years affected by Covid-19.

Best part of life at UCL

The people I have met, I will never forget our memories.

Life in lockdown

I made the most of listening to lectures outside and going on long walks whenever the weather allowed. I also saved lots of time by not having to commute or run from one lecture to the other, which I spent annoying my partner instead. But I missed playing team sports and seeing my friends offline.

Advice for new students

Make friends and never feel guilty about spending too much time socialising. It proves to be as useful as studying, especially in the first year. Also, try not to leave everything to the last minute, because that just creates extra stress that you do not need. Oh and back-up your work on an external hard drive!

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Blog posts
Wednesday 10/11/2021 - 10.38
Hi everyone, I'm Viki, the Postgraduate Officer and I have four updates for you. The second point isn’t really an update, more like an FYI but I thought I'd include it – anyways, here’s my updates.