How does the Union decide what it believes in?

We often take a stance on key issues, both on and off campus. This can be a pledge to change something at the Union or a campaign to lobby for change at UCL or further afield.

Each policy starts with you. You can submit a policy proposal that will be debated at one of our three Policy Zones (Education Zone, Activities Zone, Welfare and Community Zone). Once passed at a Zone meeting, policies are then ratified by Union Executive. Our policies are set democratically, and are binding for two years.

You don’t need to be a member of a Policy Zone to submit an idea, and you don’t need to attend for it to be presented (the Chair can do so on your behalf). If you have an idea for a new policy or feel that we should amend one of our existing policies you should fill out the following form:

For more information on decision-making, you can view Amendments to Governing Documents which, when passed, form the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Bye-Laws.
Reference code Title Lead officer Progress Origin Lapses
UO2103 Students’ Union UCL Banking Union Affairs Officer Ongoing Union Executive
UP2102 Industrial Action Education Officer Ongoing Union Executive
UP2101 Lobby to end UCL's relationship with arms companies Welfare and Community Officer Ongoing Welfare & Community Zone
UP2012 Improvement to the Muslim student experience Ongoing Welfare & Community Zone
UP2011 Improvement in gender equality through naming of societies Ongoing Activities Zone
UP2010 Digital Accessibility Ongoing Welfare & Community Zone
UP2009 Liberation Officers Ongoing Union Executive
UP2008 Supporting students in sex work Ongoing Welfare & Community Zone
UP2007 Use of Amazon vouchers and products Ongoing Welfare & Community Zone
UP2006 Reduction of international student tuition fees Ongoing Education Zone
UP2005 Improvements to the foreign language provision for research students Ongoing Education Zone
UP2004 No detriment policy Completed Union Executive
UP2003 Tackle Discrimination of Mature Students Ongoing Welfare & Community Zone
UP2002 Champion Inclusive Education and a Decolonised Curriculum Ongoing Education Zone
UP2001 Accessible Education Now Ongoing Union Executive
UP1922 SU UCL to be a pro-trans Union Ongoing Union Executive
UP1921 Paid Teaching Opportunities for Doctoral Students Ongoing Union Executive
UP1920 Creation of New Feedback Mechanisms Ongoing Union Executive
UP1919 Non-engagement with UCL Prevent agenda and its leads Ongoing Union Executive
UP1918 A UCL-wide policy for more welcoming and inclusive environment for student parents Ongoing Welfare & Community Zone
UP1917 The Union should openly promote Freedom of Speech and condemn malicious behaviour against students in the academic sphere aimed at stifling that right Completed Union Executive
UP1916 Stop printing information brochures, resort to digital displays Completed Welfare & Community Zone
UP1915 Toilet Transformation in the IOE Ongoing Welfare & Community Zone
UP1914 Remote participation in SSCC meetings Completed Education Zone
UP1913 Lobby UCL to remove the application processing fee for postgraduate taught courses Ongoing Education Zone