What would you like the Union to do?

The Union should openly promote Freedom of Speech and condemn malicious behaviour against students in the UK academic sphere aimed at stifling that right.

Why would you like to do this?

There have been recently been several attempts to stifle the right to freedom of speech in UK universities. For example:

1. The violation of regulations 5 and 20 of the UCL student centre by pro-China students. They were protesting against the legal stalls of pro-democracy students trying to raise awareness on “Police Brutality in Hong Kong”, causing security concerns that led to the closure of the stall. 27 November 2019

2. Death threats sent towards pro-democracy protestor Ulysses Chow at University of Cambridge, by pro-China individuals. Harassment included graphic emails that contained abuse towards him and his family.

3. The attack and intimidation on pro-democracy students from Sheffield by pro-China students, including derogatory insults and property damage. 2 October 2019

4. [More examples to be added]

How will this affect students?

    1. This would provide mental support towards Hong Kong students currently studying in UCL as well as providing sufficient information for local students in UCL to learn more about Hong Kong's protests for freedom.

    2. This would bond the student community, encourage further sympathies of ethnic minorities and condemnation of atrocities of oppressive regimes, such as the Chinese oppression of the Uyghur minority in Sinkiang.

    3. The support from the SU would uphold UCL's agenda as a global university and at the forefront defending human rights and political rights.